Dodge Grand Caravan: Northstar Conversion

Dodge In-Floor Ramp Vans

VMI first developed the Northstar handicap van conversion in the early 1990's to meet customer preferences for increased interior space. To this day, the VMI Northstar on the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan remains one of the best mobility ramp vans in America.

By sliding out of a space below the floor, the Northstar mobility ramp maximizes space inside the accessible vehicle. There are so many benefits of an in-floor wheelchair ramp, it is easily understood why its so popular.

Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Northstar

  • Interior handles, and switches, buttons are easily accessed
  • Front passenger seat retains regular functions
  • No additional noise from handicap ramp
  • In the event of an accident, the accessible ramp is under the floor-not inside the mobility van
  • Works on curbs up to 10 inches tall
  • Increased maneuverability due to greater space inside the accessible van
  • Ramp-free doorway allows easy entry/exit for ambulatory passengers
  • Minimized handicapped van conversion wear and tear (fewer wheelchair ramp cycles to load/unload additional passengers)
  • Uncluttered and clean wheelchair vehicle interior
  • Mobility vehicle interior gets less dirt inside
  • Increased handicapped ramp width
  • Maximum Floor Drop - 11"
  • Handicap Vehicle Ground Clearance - 5.5"
  • Door Opening Width - 31.25"
  • Door Opening Height - 55.25"
  • Usable Mobility Ramp Width - 29.25"
  • Wheelchair Ramp Length - 44"
  • Length from Back Seats to Kickplate - 58"
  • Overall Floor Length - 85.5"
  • Floor Width at Front Doors - 61"
  • Interior Height at Driver & Passenger Positions (Without Sunroof) - 57.25"
  • Interior Height at Center Position - 58.5"
  • Steering Wheel Bottom to Floor - 29.5"
  • Measured Down from Front Edge of Steering Wheel to Front Kick-Up - 16.25"

Dodge Grand Caravan With VMI Northstar Only

  • Extremely-low 8.0° handicapped ramp angle
  • Sure Deploy backup system leaves accessible van conversion usable even with power failure
  • Manual secondary backup system for additional peace of mind
  • 600lb. handicap ramp weight capacity

Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Northstar AND Summit

  • Fully-powered accessible van ramp
  • 11” drop FLEX Floor maximizes interior space and headroom for better maneuverability
  • Complete undercoating and rust proofing
  • PowerKneel system lowers the minivan to reduce ramp angle
  • Seamless integration with Dodge Grand Caravan vehicle electronics
  • Complete control through Dodge keyfob and interior switches
  • Removable front passenger and driver seat bases
  • No-skid wheelchair ramp surfacing
  • Complete crash testing and compliance with all government safety standards
  • 3-year/36,000-mile warranty
  • Durafloor (rubberized flooring) to match Dodge Grand Caravan interiors

VMI Northstar on a Dodge Grand Caravan

The VMI Northstar on a Dodge Grand Caravan is the result of the progressive engineering approach at VMI. Vantage Mobility International has included a multitude of accessible features on these wheelchair conversion vehicles. Items like Power Kneel, power in-floor ramp, and remote control activation make them the perfect choice for disability transportation.

Next Generation Thinking for a Handicap Conversion Van

Next generation thinking has been accurately implemented in the Dodge Grand Caravan with the VMI Northstar handicap conversion van.

Dodge Grand Caravans with the VMI Northstar mobility van conversion represent wheelchair access taken to a whole new level. VMI Northstar wheelchair conversion vans have been around since 1993 and has always been a crucial element to Vantage Mobility International's product line.

Disabled Access in a Handicap Vehicle Conversion

Disabled access plays a major role in every aspect, from design to manufacturing. Featuring a power sliding passenger door and in-floor wheelchair ramp, the VMI Northstar handicap vehicle conversion is a great solution for disability travel.

The driveability for a wheelchair user is one of the most vital components of the Dodge Grand Caravan with the VMI Northstar mobility conversion van. Simple installation of hand controls, transfer seat, or other mobility driving aid can transform the VMI Northstar equipped Dodge Grand Caravan into a disabled driving system.

Dodge Grand Caravan Models

The VMI Summit is available on Dodge Grand Caravan Express, Mainstreet, Crew, and R/T minivan models.