Chrysler Town & Country: Northstar Conversion

Chrysler In-Floor Ramp Vans

In order to accomplish an open interior and greater interior space, VMI engineered the first Northstar mobility van conversion almost 20 years ago. Nearly 20 years on the road and the VMI Northstar on the Chrysler Town & Country is still setting the standard for handicapped vans.

The Northstar wheelchair ramp slides out from underneath the floor of the handicapped vehicle instead of using valuable interior space. It is easy to see why the Northstar is so popular within the disabled community when the advantages are so obvious.

Chrysler Town & Country with VMI Northstar

  • Handicap vehicle interior left clean and more like the original minivan
  • Reduced debris carried into the accessible vehicle carpet
  • Width of wheelchair ramp increased for wider wheelchairs
  • All interior switches, buttons, and handles are within reach
  • Keep full functionality of front passenger seat
  • No rattling or squeking from mobility ramp
  • Handicapped ramp will not become a dangerous obstruction in the event of an emergency
  • Deployable on curbs up to 10” in height
  • Maximized space inside these handicapped vehicles for maneuvering a wheelchair
  • Simple exit/entry for additional passengers due to unblocked doorway (no folding mobility ramp in the way)
  • Do not have to activate handicap ramp for ambulatory people to enter/leave vehicle (less wear and tear on the wheelchair accessible van)
  • Maximum Floor Drop - 11"
  • Wheelchair Vehicle Ground Clearance - 5.5"
  • Door Opening Height - 55.25"
  • Door Opening Width - 31.25"
  • Mobility Ramp Length - 58.5"
  • Usable Handicap Ramp Width - 29.25"
  • Overall Floor Length - 85.5"
  • Length from Back Seats to Kickplate - 58"
  • Floor Width at Front Doors - 61"
  • Interior Height at Center Position - 58.5"
  • Interior Height at Driver & Passenger Positions (Without Sunroof) - 57.25"
  • Steering Wheel Bottom to Floor - 29.5"
  • Measured Down from Front Edge of Steering Wheel to Front Kick-Up - 16.25"

Chrysler Town & Country with VMI Northstar Only

  • Ultra-low 8.0° wheelchair ramp angle
  • Manual secondary backup system for additional peace of mind
  • 600lb. mobility ramp weight limit
  • Sure Deploy backup makes these handicapped accessible vans reliable even when power fails

Chrysler Town & Country with VMI Northstar AND Summit

  • All-electric conversion and handicapped ramp
  • 11” drop FLEX Floor maximizes headroom and interior space for wheelchair maneuverability
  • Complete rust proofing and undercoating
  • PowerKneel system lowers the minivan for a reduction in the angle of the ramp
  • Seamless integration with Chrysler Town & Country electronic systems
  • Controlled via Chrysler keyfob and switches located inside the mobility van
  • Removable front driver and passenger seat bases
  • Skid-resistant handicap ramp
  • Compliant with all government safety standards and fully-crash tested
  • 3-year/36,000-mile warranty
  • Durafloor (rubberized flooring) to match Chrysler Town & Country interior

Chrysler Town & Country Handicap Conversion Vehicle

The VMI Northstar wheelchair van conversion on a Chrysler Town & Country minivan is the culmination of the forward thinking philosophy at Vantage Mobility International. Some of the accessible features on these handicap conversion vans include a power in-floor ramp, remote control activation, and Power Kneel for a reduced wheelchair ramp entry angle.

When properly implemented, innovative thinking is communicated from design to final product, and VMI believes their VMI Northstar on a Chrysler Town & Country is a superior mobility conversion vehicle.

The Chrysler Town & Country with VMI Northstar handicap conversion vehicle represents the ultimate in wheelchair access. Since its original development in 1993, the VMI Northstar wheelchair vehicle conversion has remained the cornerstone of the Vantage Mobility International accessible van product line. In fact, there are over 10,000 VMI Northstar minivans on the road today.

Every detail has been meticulously designed and manufactured with disability access in mind. From the power in-floor mobility ramp to the power doors, the VMI Northstar handicap van conversion answers the call for disabled transportation. Even the center consol has been modified for improved front seat maneuverability.

Important Mobility Vehicle Conversion Features

One of the most important features of the Chrysler Town & Country with VMI Northstar mobility vehicle conversions is the ability for a person in a wheelchair to drive. Whether using a transfer seat, hand controls, or other handicap driving device, the VMI Northstar on a Chrysler Town & Country is a totally independent driving solution.

Chrysler Town & Country Models Available

The VMI Summit is available on Chrysler Town & Country LX, Touring, Touring-L, and Limited minivan models.