Chrysler Town & Country: Summit Conversion

Chrysler Folding Ramp Vans

The Summit fold-out ramp handicap van conversion on a Chrysler Town & Country is an affordable and simpler substitute to the top-of-the-line VMI Northstar. Folding mobility ramps stretch outwards when in use, and stow inside the handicap vehicle when not in use. Summit ramps work well for individuals who experience difficulty getting up an accessible ramp because they include 2" siderails.

The VMI Summit wheelchair van conversion on the Chrysler Town & Country ramp is only 48" long. That's the shortest in the industry. Passengers have full access to the Chrysler switches and sliding door handle because the wheelchair ramp does not block them. Wheelchair users also have more space to maneuver get in and out of the mobility vehicle when others park too close.

Chrysler Town & Country With VMI Summit Only

  • When entering/exiting the handicap vehicle, 2" siderails keep disabled individuals on the wheelchair ramp
  • 48” handicap ramp means more room to move around when other vehicles park too close
  • Ramp can be deployed manually for a quick exit with a simple push outward
  • Accessible ramp with slats in it lets dirt fall through before it is carried into the interior of the mobility vehicle
  • Ramp is fitted with a mechanism to reduce rattling
  • 600lb. ramp weight limit

Chrysler Town & Country with VMI Northstar AND Summit

  • All-electric conversion (including the ramp)
  • 11” lowered FLEX Floor increases maneuverability of a wheelchair due to increased interior space and headroom
  • Total rust proofing and undercoating
  • To reduce the incline of the handicap ramp, PowerKneel system lowers the minivan closer to the ground
  • Complete integration with Chrysler computer systems reduces hiccups
  • Handicapped van conversion is activated through interior sliding-door switches and Chrysler keyfob and
  • Quick-out front driver and passenger seat bases
  • Anti-skid wheelchair ramp
  • Compliant with all government safety standards and completely crash-tested
  • 3-year/36,000-mile warranty
  • Maximum Floor Drop - 11"
  • Handicap Vehicle Ground Clearance - 5.5"
  • Door Opening Height - 54.25"
  • Wheelchair Ramp Length - 50.25"
  • Usable Handicap Ramp Width - 28.75"
  • Overall Floor Length - 85.5"
  • Length from Back of Seats to Kickplate - 58"
  • Floor Width at Doors - 61"
  • Interior Height at Center Position - 58.5"
  • Interior Height at Drivers & Passengers Position (Without Sunroof) - 57.25"
  • Steering Wheel Bottom to Floor - 29.5"
  • Measured Down from Front Edge of Steering Wheel to Front Kick-Up - 16.25
  • Power Folding Mobility Ramp with Non-Skid Surface
  • Power Sliding Door with Easy Manual Operation
  • Maximum Interior Headroom
  • Manual Backup Ramp Operation
  • Undercoating and Complete Rust Proofing
  • Fully Crash Tested
  • Remote Control Activation
  • Warranty - Mobiltiy Conversion Van
  • 600 Pound Load Rating for Handicap Ramp
  • 9.7 Degree Mobility Ramp Angle
  • Rubberized Flooring

Chrysler Town & Country Mobility Vehicle Conversion

The VMI Summit mobility vehicle conversion on a Chrysler Town & Country minivan offers more interior space than other folding wheelchair ramp vans. This is due to an innovative design which powers the folding handicap ramp system from under the floor.

For extra safety, two inch side rails make sure the wheelchair or scooter stays on the mobility ramp. To reduce the incline while entering the wheelchair conversion van, Power Kneel lowers the minivan chassis closer to the ground. In maximizing the design of this handicap minivan conversion, VMI has put considerable space between ourselves and the competition.

VMI Summit Wheelchair Conversion Vehicle

The Chrysler Town & Country with VMI Summit wheelchair conversion vehicle has been a staple in the lineup of Vantage Mobility International handicap conversion vans for a long time. And with good reason, as it is an extremely practical and user-friendly means of disability transportation.

Available on the Chrysler Town & Country LS, Touring, Touring-L, and Limited models, these minivans offers some unique advantages over competing mobility conversion vehicles. Whatever your needs or preferences are in a handicap conversion vehicle, the Chrysler Town & Country with a VMI Summit deserves strong consideration.

Many aspects of the wheelchair van conversion have been optimized. The 11 inch lowered floor means an amazing 54" of headroom while entering through the side passenger sliding door. The front seating area has also been maximized to allow for greatest wheelchair maneuverability.

Good Looks and Performance

VMI Summit mobility van conversions look as good as they perform. Optional rubberized flooring keeps floors looking brand-new, interior plastic panels have been matched with the original interior, and sleek ground effects mask the wheelchair vehicle conversion. For more information on the VMI Summit on a Chrysler Town & Country minivan, visit a VMI Mobility Dealer today.