Adaptive Equipment

Monarch Hand Controls

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A for over 40 years the Monarch Hand Control has stood the test of time providing mobility freedom to countless people. Excellent Design, and unparallel 5year limited warranty, along with outstanding service, and Technical support has made the Monarch series the leader of the Hand Control industry.

B&D Six-Way Transfer Seat

Six way transfer seats from B&D Independence can be installed in your drop floor minivan or full size van. Some models fit either a full size van or a minivan.These seat bases are made with heavy gauge frames, dependable controls and reliable actuators to provide trouble free safety and ease of use. Columbus Mobility Specialists can perform standard installations and can also handle any variations that may be needed for special applications.

Bruno Seating

This revolutionary system for higher vehicles provides easy access to an automotive seat. The seat rotates, comes out of the vehicle, and lowers toward the ground, eliminating the climbing and twisting normally required to enter a higher vehicle. Fully powered operation with easy one button controls.

Docking Systems

Q'Straint 4-Point Securment Systems

Q'Straint introduced the world's first fully integrated 4-point wheelchair passenger securement system, the industry standard for more than 25 years. Each component is designed, engineered and tested to work as one cohesive system. In the event of a collision or sudden stop, the system isolates the forward forces of the occupant from those of their chair by directing the chair's forces to the vehicle floor.

Q'Straint Docking Systems

The QLK-100 wheelchair docking system is the perfect solution for wheelchair passengers who drive their own vehicles and for those who want the independence of quickly securing their own wheelchair using a single point system. The QLK-100 is engineered for reliability and based on the proven design of truck and trailer hitches which have been safely used for over half a century.

Omni Floor Anchor Systems

All OMNI Floor Anchor Systems feature stainless steel or aluminum materials designed for demanding transportation environments. It has always been recommended that tie-downs match with the brand of their floor anchorages. Now with the OMNI series you can reduce your liability and know that your products are tested and certified for both Q’Straint and Sure-Lok systems.

EZ Lock Docks

The EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System has helped many thousands of wheelchair users worldwide to overcome the obstacles associated with driving from, or riding as a seated passenger in a wheelchair.

Permolock Docks

Permolock is offered to two models, but both deliver the same satisfaction of being able to drive your vehicle from the comfort of your chair. The Permolock C3 is designed for use with the Permobil C300, C350, M300, M400 and K450 wheelchair bases. You can adjust both the angle and height of the Permolock C3's locking plate, which helps when mounting it to a vehicle with a sloped driver's position. Plus you can pull forward or back onto the locking plate.